How To Use The WordPress Firewall For Enhanced Security And Performance

With developing standards and techniques, hackers, too, are evolving. Attacks in the web world are no secret. Therefore, it is crucial to shield your website in all possible ways. “With modern websites, third-party component security has become a huge issue. WordPress is a good example. In 2018, the amount of discovered plugin vulnerabilities have grown […]

Is a Custom WordPress Theme a Bad Idea for Your Website?

Isn’t a custom WordPress theme the best way to create a website? Won’t it be good to build your dream website from scratch? And have control to maintain and modify it? Well, that’s incorrect on many counts. As the world is getting better in the digital space, it’s a common notion that creating a website, […]

What is a DDoS attack and How to identify it?

Any online company that wants to stay in business should know how a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack works and have a quick way to stop it. A DDoS attack is when a server gets flooded with too many requests. An attacker could use up all the space on your network and flood your […]

How To Clear WordPress Cache?

Have you ever jumped from one website to another in a few minutes because it took too much time to load? Or have you spent hours working on your website, only to have no changes reflected?  Well, if your answer to both these questions is yes, then it likely is a cache problem. Caching is […]

How to Create Secure Passwords for Your Website? (Can You Write Off #3?)

How to Create Secure Passwords for Your Website

You may have heard about Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook account getting hacked, which was one of the biggest news headlines in 2018. Zuckerberg’s password was among the 117 million passwords that were leaked in the largest LinkedIn hack ever. And all these incidents create all the more reason to think about one question – how to […]

Why Is My WordPress Slow? (13 Causes Identified By WordPress Experts)

Why Is My WordPress Slow? (13 Causes Identified By WordPress Experts)

One of the most puzzling things I hear all website owners discuss is – Why is my WordPress slow? WordPress speed is undeniably one of the essential topics you need to be aware of when it comes to maintaining a website. In fact, it comes down to one of the top 5 ranking factors for […]

How to Detect and Remove Malware from a WordPress Website

How to Detect and Remove Malware from a WordPress Website

It is estimated that 70% of the 40,000 WordPress sites in the Alexa Top One Million are vulnerable to cyberattacks. There are several signs a hacked website exhibits, such as defacing or linking to malicious websites. The popularity of WordPress has made it a common target for cyber attackers. In this article, we will discuss […]

7 Steps to Protect Your Website from WordPress Brute Force Attacks!

7 Easy Steps To Protect Your Wordpress Website Form Brute Force Attacks

Have you ever encountered an intruder using “brute force” to gain unauthorized access somewhere? It is common sense to understand that anything that involves “brute force” impacts the victim badly. The victim could be a person, a machine, an animal, or even your website. Below, we discuss WordPress brute force attacks, their impact on websites, […]

#6 Reasons Why You Should Optimize Your WordPress Website!

#6 Reasons Why You Should Optimize Your WordPress Website!

WordPress website optimization is one of the most vital ranking factors for website ranking on Google Search Engine Ranked Pages (SERP). After the introduction of the Google RankBrain AI, the importance of website optimization has been reinstated once again. Nowadays, website optimization holds one of the top three positions among hundreds of ranking factors required […]