External Penetration Testing Services

Our external penetration tests simulate real-life attackers attempting to gain access into an internal network. MalwareCare’s certified experts will conduct information gathering, scanning and emuneration, and exploitation to identify vulnerabilities that you may be exposed to. 

penetration testing service

What is external penetration testing?

An external penetration test is a simulation of an attacker who can or tries to access your database from the public interface of your system. We manually or automatically try to simulate the ways and give you the data, flaws, error, or gaps that can make your system vulnerable. We also provide methods or steps to avoid them, information of cost and time for updating your system, and expert supervision. 

External Network Penetration Testing Methodology

MalwareCare performs complete external penetration testing that includes analysis and computing, vulnerability scan, gaining access to the database, maintaining access, and reporting. The goal is to manually and automatically detect security flaws and prevent assaults.

Target Planning

The analysis and planning of attacks are done based on observation and computing.

Scan and Gaining Access

By proper scanning & analysis, check the main attack’s status, and the system’s access is taken.

Maintaining Access and Report

The access is maintained furthermore with ways for more attacks to be found and reported.

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How We Work


The reconnaissance of targeted assets to develop a potential way of attack.


From the information and selecting the way of attack, the main attack is performed to gain access.


The access is maintained and demonstrates the flaw and impact.


Once vulnerabilities are confirmed, we will share the exploitation methods and how to mitigate the risk.


Why should we conduct an external penetration test?

An external penetration test means testing the ways of gaining access to your system from the public facing. It is necessary as it gives you an idea of how vulnerable your system is to hackers.

Your sensitive information is important for your company or system, and an external penetration test allows you to securely secure data. As a result of an external penetration test, you will get a complete overview of the flaws in your system and get the chance to remove them.

What are the goals of a penetration test?

The fundamental purpose of a penetration test is to identify your system's security holes and fix them before hostile parties cause any harm. A penetration test is done in a controlled environment simulation attack from outsiders. This greatly helps to reduce the risk of a security breach.

How often should I get a penetration test?

Technology is advancing very fast, and new methods of security breaches are coming into the market. So, every system, website, and the app must perform 1 security test quarterly. And they must conduct a test after any updates. Minimally, one should perform at least one test every year.

What is the cost of a penetration test?

The penetration test cost varies widely with some factors. The frequency of the test, the level of vulnerability, the changes needed, etc., are the factors to determine the cost.

Our team will provide you with a summary of what modifications you need to make to your system, how exposed it is, and how much it will cost to fix the faults. We guarantee complete assistance.

Which methodology do you follow?

Our methodology follows 5 steps:
1. Analysis and computing, 2. Scan of vulnerability, 3. Gaining access to the database, 4. Maintaining access, and 5. Reporting. These steps will cover every corner and find out the gap in your system.

How do I know my business's confidential information is secure with MalwareCare?

MalwareCare follows strict security guidelines, followed by standards while executing our security assessment projects. To view the company's privacy policies, you can check the link given below. https://malwarecare.com/privacy-policy

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