WordPress-Related FAQ's

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How do I get started with my WordPress website maintenance plan?

To sign up with one or multiple website maintenance plans, you can click the “Purchase Now” button for the plan you want to sign up for, or select “Buy Now” if viewing the plans comparison table.

Once selected, you will be taken to the checkout page to make the purchase of your plan. Fill out the information to complete the checkout and create your account with us. 

Once checkout is completed, you’ll see specific details on the next steps. We’ll also send you a series of onboarding and introductory emails. You will receive an email informing you how to give our team secure access to your site(s). 

If you have any questions, your global team is ready to support you 24/7.

How do I send you my login credentials?

After you sign up with your website maintenance plans, you can securely share the website credentials you have created for us inside a reply to your welcome email just after you check out with all your login credentials.

The onboarding email will ask you to use a self-destructing link to ensure our team are the only people who can receive your usernames and passwords.

How does onboarding work?

Once you sign up for the care plan that makes the most sense for you, you’ll receive a welcome email with information on your plan and details about how to securely send us your login credentials.

Once you send login information for your WordPress dashboard and hosting provider, we’ll have your plan fully implemented in 24-48 hours. 

The speed enhancements can take up to a week since we have to optimize everything for your unique core files, theme, and plugins and we want to be careful not to cause any downtime for your website. So we take our time and make sure this is done right instead of risking potentially compromising your website.

You can expect to receive weekly reports detailing important analytics such as backups created, overall uptime, website analytics, and more.

Does it matter what hosting provider I'm using?

Absolutely not! We’ll work with any website regardless of where it’s hosted.

That being said, we may not be able to achieve your speed and security goals on a shared hosting provider. We have a great list of recommended hosting providers if you are looking to upgrade.

What if I have multiple (2+) sites that need to be managed?

No problem! We can manage websites for you whether you need 1 or 100.

Our care plans each cover one single site, domain, subdomain or WordPress installation. If you have 3 websites that you’d like us to manage, you’ll need 3 plans, one for each site.

You are able to choose different plans for each website depending on the needs of each individual site.

What premium plugins do you offer as part of your care plans?

One of the great advantages of being a MalwareCare client is that you get FREE access to premium, costly plugins! Depending on the package you decide to purchase, you’ll have access to premium plugins such as:

  • Premium Security Plugins
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • WP Smush Pro
  • WP Rocket
There are tons of WordPress care plan companies out there. Why MalwareCare?

MalwareCare exists to power your digital growth. We know you have tons of options, but here is why we believe you should choose us:

  • 24/7 support – thanks to a global team, we can offer 24/7 with industry-leading response times
  • Our customers get free access to premium WordPress plugins that normally cost up to hundreds of dollars per year
  • Expertise! Our WordPress engineers have decades of experienced, allowing us to provide the highest-quality, most effective WordPress care
  • Our clients speak for themselves! We have hundreds of happy, satisfied customer reviews. Check out a few here:  https://malwarecare.com/about-us/
How can I tell work is being done on my site?

We want to make the entire process as transparent as possible. To do so, we will provide you with a weekly report that highlights critical analytics, such as backups, website uptime, website traffic analytics, and much more.  

What is your support policy?

With our global team, we are able to provide 24/7 support for you. 

Although we don’t offer phone support, you can send us an email at info@malwarecare.com at any time, and we’ll get back to you right away. At MalwareCare, we understand that your website is of the utmost importance, so we’ve made customer service a huge priority.

Penetration-Testing FAQ's

You've got questions, we've got answers.
What is a penetration test?

A penetration test, or “pen test”, is a security assessment that simulates an attack by a malicious party on a network or application in order to identify security flaws. This test is coordinated ahead of time and executed with an attempt to avoid damaging any system. At the end of the test, we will provide you with a report that includes found issues and weaknesses along with suggestions for how to remediate them.

What is the difference between a pentest and a vulnerability assessment?

There are a couple of big differences between a VA and a Penetration Test. First, a VA scan is an automated test. A penetration test is performed by our certified experts that actually dig into the complexities of your network and actively try to exploit any vulnerabilities that they may discover. 

A vulnerability scan typically only identifies vulnerabilities at a high level. This scan is not intended to exploit vulnerabilities, and produces an indication report. A pen tester will dig deeper and attempt to identify root causes of vulnerabilities; they use their brain and creativity to gain access to databases and extract sensitive data.

If your goal is to find the big problems in your applications or network architecture, we suggest a penetration test rather than a vulnerability assessment.

Why do I need a penetration test?

Everybody wants to keep their businesses running and maintain a good reputation with their customers. Partnering with a MalwareCare, you will receive a high quality penetration test where our expert engineers will work from the mindset of an attacker, helping you to truly improve the security of your systems. 

There are many reasons why a business might get a pen test. Perhaps they want to protect their customers or their reputation; both great reasons. They want to prevent downtime, damage, and humiliation in the face of a security incident. Maybe they’re releasing new software and want to make sure any changes made didn’t cause unanticipated problems. Or maybe they need to provide assurance to a 3rd party that they are secure–this can help limit liabilities if things go wrong.

In any case, we can help.

When do I need a penetration test? How often should I get a penetration test?

Generally, a good rule of thumb is to do at least an annual penetration test. This can reduce the company’s or application’s security risks.

However, in today’s technological environment, businesses tend to undertake rapid changes to production systems. Therefore, they should ideally run pen tests quarterly or immediately after production deployment following a change in an application or its underlying technologies. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to split the penetration testing throughout the year.

What are the goals of a penetration test?

Goals of a penetration test vary greatly based on the scope of review. Generally speaking, the goal of a penetration test is to validate the effectiveness of security controls designed to protect the system or assets being protected.

How much does a penetration test cost?

The cost for a penetration testing varies greatly and there are a number of factors to consider.

These include, but are not limited to, the scope of the project, the size of the environment, the quantity of systems, and the frequency of testing. Our team will schedule a detailed scoping meeting to produce a very clear understanding of the needs, and develop a statement of work prior to engaging any penetration test. Our penetration test will be performed on a fixed-fee basis to eliminate any unexpected costs or unplanned expenditures.

As an organization, our goal is to provide affordable security services, because we believe all businesses deserve security.

Is pen testing disruptive to our environment? Will our systems go down? What is the pen testing plan?

For this exact reason, it is imperative that the planning is done properly, and comprehensively, to identify potential risks for disruption and adjust the approach accordingly. Our planning will be conducted well in advance of any testing start date in order to ensure adequate time for communication to project stakeholders. The communication and monitoring will continue throughout the pen testing schedule.

Why should I trust MalwareCare for our penetration testing needs?

From large Fortune 1000 companies to local small businesses, we have helped hundreds of companies secure their most valuable data.

Our team of certified experts that have decades of experience with penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, and our commitment to meeting deadlines, ensuring quality customer service, and comprehensive testing make us an industry-leader in pen testing.

What can I expect after the penetration test?

After the testing, we will provide you with a final report, and that report will have enough detail and be easy enough to read so that you can see and understand the issues identified.

For each vulnerability discovered, the report will include a description, the impact and severity level, and remediation strategies to mitigate the vulnerability. 

After your remediation, we can provide re-testing services (for an additional cost) to ensure that the remediations are fixed.

Still have a question?

Send us an email and we will respond to your inquiry.  

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