Vulnerability Assessment Service

Our vulnerability assessment service is a systematic review of your information systems to discover unknown vulnerabilities. We also provide a detailed report that assigns a severity level and suggests solving each vulnerability identified.

We will provide a detailed report outlining the validated vulnerabilities present within your organization, risk rankings, and recommendations for remediation of listed vulnerabilities.

Key Advantages of Our Vulnerability Assessment Service

Identifies At-Risk Assets

Our team executes comprehensives tests on the targeted information assets to identify existing threats and help you prepare for potential cyber attacks.

Validates The Suitability Of Security Controls

Reviewing or examining the internal and external security controls gives you a deeper understanding on the current security infrastructure in place.

Informs Security Investments

Knowing which type of cyber threats you are vulnerable to allow you to invest your time, money and resources more accurately to solve the weaknesses.

Provides Strategic Advice

After identifying the vulnerabilities and providing a report, our team will provide strategic recommendations on how to mitigate the risk of each vulnerability.

Why should you consider a Vulnerability Assessment?

Satisfy Legal and Regulatory Requirements

Let us help fulfill your organization's legal and regulatory obligations under GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and consumer protection laws and regulations.

Identify Security Vulnerabilities

In-depth vulnerability assessments allow you to identify the specific cyber threats, errors, mistakes, or vulnerabilities you may be susceptible to.

Safeguard Corporate Reputation and Data

Vulnerability Assessment keeps your organization's reputation safe by protecting your information safe from all threads.

Improve Oversight of IT Functions

Vulnerability Assessments create allow your IT strategy to be pin-point. Our team will guide where you should put your time, energy and resources.

Increase Business Continuity

Vulnerability Assessments increase business continuity by giving real-life, practical insight into the risks that are posed to their business.

Monitor Security Strategy and Investment

Insight into your vulnerabilities and weaknesses will allow you to pay more attention to where your resources should be invested.

Minimize costs, Maximize protection using our Vulnerability Assessment services

Vulnerability Assessment process In 5 Steps:

01 | Planning

Confirming test scope, target IPs, URLs, APIs of the system, and explicit areas of business data resources, major tasting time, resources, and rules of engagement.

02 | Scanning

Scan the confirmed target asset within the testing scope to identify the vulnerabilities present.

03 | Analysis

After the scan, our team will review all the data to figure out the vulnerabilities and analyze the risk level of the initial vulnerabilities.

04 | Retesting

Our team will retest once again to ensure that the vulnerabilities were not false positives and that we comprehensively tested for all weaknesses.

05 | Reporting

We will make a comprehensive, easy-to-read report that outlines each vulnerability’s description, impact, and suggested mitigation strategies.


What is the main value of vulnerability assessment?

The main value of the vulnerability assessment is to provide a detailed security report and advise on how to mitigate the discovered vulnerabilities. This enhances an organizations security posture by helping them uncover their security weaknesses in their environment.

What is the difference between a pentest and a vulnerability assessment?

There are a couple of big differences between a VA and a Penetration Test. First, a VA scan is an automated test. A penetration test is performed by our certified experts that actually dig into the complexities of your network and actively try to exploit any vulnerabilities that they may discover. 

A vulnerability scan typically only identifies vulnerabilities at a high level. This scan is not intended to exploit vulnerabilities, and produces an indication report. A pen tester will dig deeper and attempt to identify root causes of vulnerabilities; they use their brain and creativity to gain access to databases and extract sensitive data.

If your goal is to find the big problems in your applications or network architecture, we suggest a penetration test rather than a vulnerability assessment.

Should a company regularly conduct a vulnerability assessment?

Yes, it’s highly recommended for companies to conduct vulnerability assessments on a regular basis. Any update or system modifications can cause the emergence of potential security flaws and, thereby, only by regularly assessing the security of its systems can companies become resistant to possible cyberattacks.

How much does a vulnerability assessment cost?

The cost for a vulnerability assessment varies greatly.

A number of factors are used to determine vulnerability assessment pricing including number of IPs, servers or applications scanned. Our team will schedule a detailed scoping meeting to produce a very clear understanding of the needs, and develop a statement of work prior to conducting a vulnerability assessment. Our vulnerability assessment will be performed on a fixed-fee basis to eliminate any unexpected costs or unplanned expenditures.  

As an organization, our goal is to provide affordable security services, because we believe all businesses deserve security.

How do I know my business's confidential information is secure with MalwareCare?

MalwareCare follows strict security guidelines and standards are followed while executing our security assessment projects. To view the company’s privacy policies, you can check the link given below.

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