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Why Do You Need A WordPress Maintenance Services or Plans

Why Do You Need A WordPress Maintenance Service

Many business owners think of WordPress support services only after realizing their websites are not secure enough. Unfortunately, as a business owner, it means that you may have lost hundreds of potential clients and probably thousands of dollars heading your way. And the situation will only get worse unless you take up an effective WordPress support service.

But, there is a way to get your clients back and secure your business from its sinking condition. And that is to consider proper website security and knowing why WordPress maintenance is essential.

In this article, I will talk about what WordPress maintenance is and why WordPress maintenance is essential. Furthermore, we will cover why you need a WordPress maintenance service and more.

What is WordPress Maintenance?

WordPress maintenance is the process of maintaining all the areas of a WordPress website that ensures the site runs under peak conditions. For example –

  1. Update the website theme, plugin, and server files
  2. Keep regular backups of your files
  3. Update security patches and tweak security protocols to fend off malicious attacks


These are just the essential WordPress support you can complete yourself. However, WordPress maintenance is more than just updating some themes, plugins, security patches, and keeping regular backups. So, you may be wondering…

What Is Included In A WordPress Security Maintenance Service?

WordPress maintenance plays the most vital role in securing a website from malicious attacks such as – Cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injections, DDoS attacks, Brute force attacks, etc. Besides, it also keeps all the core items of your WordPress website updated and secure.

But WordPress updates and security checks alone aren’t enough. So here is a list of standard WordPress maintenance services provided by maintenance service providers.

1| WordPress Core Update

WordPress maintenance service providers ensure a secure and stable update for your website. For example – if you accidentally update to an alpha or beta version of WordPress, it makes the site vulnerable. And so, your CMS, theme, and plugins should be updated to the LTS (Long Term Support) version and should be done carefully.

2| Website Content Backup

A good maintenance service keeps regular backups of your website – daily, weekly, and monthly. And to do that, you need a database. 

A quality provider ensures these backups are taken regularly in case of a system failure, a hosting error, and in the worst case – if you accidentally remove your website. Also, they will ensure the backups do not disrupt the user’s experience on the website.

3| Server and Uptime Monitoring

An essential trait of a good WordPress maintenance service provider is monitoring the website and identifying any unusual activity, unusual traffic load, depleting resources, etc. This is done to prevent website downtime.

4| Version Control of the Website Code

The code change is a common factor in the case of an update or a code modification, in which case both the previous and the present codes need to be stored properly. This can be done using version control that the provider controls. If you need to revert to the old version, the provider can assist you remotely.

5| Log Monitoring

Log monitoring ensures that your website runs smoothly and securely end-to-end. For example – if you have a broken plugin or script, the internal logs can identify the problem and notify the admin immediately so that the system remains stable and free from exploitation.

6| Technical SEO Updates on Website Content

A resourceful WordPress maintenance provider will tweak your content with the latest SEO updates, such as – updating your meta titles, meta tags, alt tags, and meta descriptions properly that fit the website’s content.

7| Continuous Maintenance and Security

A good provider constantly monitors, analyzes, and tests for a few parameters such as – compatibility, website loading speed, and site stability for the best performance. In addition, the provider also makes necessary adjustments to optimize for peak performance.

8| Secure Staging Environment

Testing new updates in a secure environment is a good practice. For example, a good provider can provide you space so that you can release a clone website and test it live under the new updates.

9| Automated Testing

Automated testing on your WordPress website ensures a clean and error-free website log. In addition, these tests can prevent the website from running into unwanted UI design flaws or functional problems.

Why Do You Need A WordPress Maintenance Service?

1| Website Security

33,000 websites are hacked each day due to irregular updates. Add human error on top of that, and you have in front you a nightmare. And so, it’s crucial to have solid website security for your website. For example – you may face errors due to bugs, unstructured code, unstable updates etc.

Appointing a professional WordPress maintenance service helps you get rid of this problem and answers your question  – why do you need a WordPress maintenance service?

2| Better UX & Accessibility

87% of website users reported that easy usability is a big reason for frequent returns. This is a big plus for your customers. A better UX can be gained through a better user experience. A poorly designed website creates a wrong impression on the user, not driving money.

However, with a quality WordPress support service, your provider can tell you the errors in your website that you can eliminate regularly. This will refine the customer experience and organically bring new customers to your website.

3| Website Backup

A quality regular site backup is crucial for choosing a WordPress support service provider. A good provider keeps a regular backup of your site to prevent downtime. From nasty cyberattacks to natural calamities – anything can happen that can disconnect your website. So, it is vital to choose a reputed provider if you are operating a running business.

4| Improved SEO Performance

Tweaking for SEO performance helps to rank your site organically on Google. For example, optimizing your site speed, the structure of your contents, etc., will create a massive boost for the site. Also, page speed is a huge factor in ranking naturally on Google.

Above all, a good site speed is obtained by optimizing your code, images, videos, database, etc., on your website. It is a good practice for SEO and improved web performance.

5| Better Conversion Rate

A reasonable conversion rate is vital for a new business and an existing business. And for that, you need to have a top-notch website that loads fast, looks beautiful, has a lot of content, etc. So, an essential thing to remember here is to adapt to the user’s requirement to deliver quality content with speed.

If you fail to reach these requirements, you will see a sudden drop in your website traffic. But, choosing a good provider can help you get rid of such problems with good hosting speed.

6| More Time Available For Business

Even though your website is the heart of your business that generates money and can be sold for tons of money, there are still other areas. For example, a business owner never prefers to think about their website, its security, speed etc. So, it is better to choose a reputed WordPress support service for the job.

A good service provider can ensure these maintenance tasks, thus allowing you more time to focus on the core aspects of your business. For example – developing new products, creating product campaigns, creating ad campaigns, improving the sales funnel, etc.

7| Protecting Your Investment

Your WordPress website is your secure investment in the form of a business. And so, it is essential to protect your investment from unwanted losses, malicious access, hackers, and downtime.

A good provider ensures the protection of your website by maintaining a clean code base, stable updates, continuous monitoring, updating the security measures, etc. Also, through proper testing and optimization, the provider can give you the right metrics and numbers to help you increase the conversion on your landing page.

8| Reducing Losses

Downtime on your website is a sign of warning. Unless you can afford downtime, you need to have a good backup and a hosting provider. A good provider has no reputation for downtime and has resources for constant server monitoring.

So, a proper protection plan is your insurance for protecting and reducing your losses. And a good provider can ensure you execute your planning with ease.

9| Getting Creative Security Support

To receive creative support from users is a blessing that most providers cannot offer at ease. However, a good WordPress support service provider can provide you with versatile creative support like – customizing your theme, optimizing your backend code, redesigning the UI for a better experience, optimizing for SEO, etc.

It removes a lot of work from the business owner’s end, but it also allows the owners to trust the provider and obtain professional support. For example – a maintenance team knows where to use the CTA buttons on a landing page to generate more clicks and increase conversions from the page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How much should I charge to maintain a WordPress website?

Depending on the complexity of the website, the average cost of a WordPress website ranges from $75 to $15,000 per year. However, the number may increase depending on the provider and what services you are considering.

Q. How do I put my WordPress site under maintenance?

The active maintenance mode can be activated from the instructions below:

  1. Login to the WP-admin panel
  2. Go to Settings > WP Maintenance Mode
  3. From General Settings, click the status to ‘ActivatedClick Save


In the end, these are the best points on why you need a WordPress maintenance service. Obviously, it’s not hard to see the benefits of considering a professional WordPress support service considering all the time and money you’ll be saving on proper protection, site optimization, maintenance, SEO optimization, code optimization, and so on.

Sharif Hossain Syeed

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