24/7 WordPress Maintenance Services

Do you want to keep your WordPress site up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly? Our expert and reliable WordPress maintenance team is here to help.

Keep your website running smoothly by working with professionals who have proven expertise. Our friendly and responsive WordPress professionals will take care of your website’s maintenance needs so you can focus on what really matters.

WordPress Website Maintenance Made Easy!

Personal Assistance

If there are any bugs or general issues, you can trust us. You have a special Customer Care Manager, who you can assign to your project. Our team consists of WordPress experts who provide you with personnelle guidance. We additionally give 24/7 WP support to all customers as a customary feature.

Hassle Free Updates

You'll never need to worry about any plugin, theme or WordPress core update issues when you select our WordPress maintenance plan. If you own any hiccups, we can simply roll back to the latest stable version, or you could demand premium support.

Security Scans

With our Website Maintenance Packages , you're always alerted about any security threat that's been discovered in our regular malware scan. And when you sign up with us, we will take your sites through a preventive Security Fix-up run to fix any noticeable vulnerabilities.

Daily Backups

Since WordPress backups are crucial, there is no need to stress out about them. With our WordPress maintenance plan, you can hand over maintenance and daily backups to us. You'll have the latest copy of your data kept secure and in easy access.

We Deliver The Premium

24/7 WordPress Maintenance, Updates, & Security Fixes!

Security Optimization

We provide maximum security with our tested and proven site configurations, making sure your website is as safe as possible.

Speed Optimization

Our engineers work to speed up your website so it loads in under 2 seconds. With rigorous testing and optimization, we help make your site faster!

Regular Updates

Getting updates to WordPress core, themes and plugins regularly can be a pain. Let us handle it for you.

Cloud Backups

We'll take backups of your site on the cloud (minimum once daily). So you’ll never lose any data that is critical to your business.

Flexible Pricing

We offer flexible pricing plans which let you choose what fits you best.

Uptime Monitoring

Downtime really hurts. So we have made it our priority to monitor your site around the clock. If any issue arises, we take action immediately.

Malware Scanning

Our team will monitor your site for any malicious activity.

Mobile and Tablet Responsiveness

We audit your site to make sure it’s responsive and can pass Google's mobile friendly test across all current browsers and screen sizes.

Firewall Configuration

Highly secure firewall setup and integration for ultimate protection.

24/7 WordPress Support

We want to help you as quickly as possible regarding WordPress issues, which is why our support team is available 24/7.

Keep Your WordPress Website Running Like a Well-Oiled Machine!

When you’re a business owner, you want to make your website is running smoothly. Unfortunately, that’s not always easy to accomplish. There are a lot of moving parts to a WordPress website, and if any one of them isn’t working properly, it can throw the whole thing off.

Uptime, security, backups, regular updates, firewall, and speed are just a few of the factors that are important to consider. That’s where our team comes in. MalwareCare has become an industry-leading WordPress maintenance company.

Our team of WP maintenance experts can help you keep your website running like a well-oiled machine to give you peace of mind and a hassle-free experience.

wordpress maintenance

Get Professional #24/7 WordPress Maintenance Support

Why We are Different?

MalwareCare offers comprehensive maintenance, and support for WordPress websites. We help businesses from all industries, companies of any size, and virtually all niches. For more than 15+ years, we have given the industry comprehensive maintenance, security support.


We are a team of WordPress experts who have been in the business for over 15+ years.

High Experience

Decades of experience and a focus on customer experience helps us standout.

Fast Support

Website needs to be up and running 24/7. We ensure fast and 24/7 WP support at your fingertip.

Satisfied Customers

Our clients speak for themselves!

Our Work Process


Pick a service plan

We’ll help you to decide the plan is best suits for your website and budget.


Give us access to your website

Our team will guide you on what website access we’ll need


We get to work

We roll up our sleeves and get stuck in, starting with a comprehensive website audit to determine the health of your WordPress site.


It's that simple.

You can now rest easy knowing MalwareCare is securing your website.


What happens if the theme or plugins update breaks my site?

Simple answer, we’ll work with you to fix it. We do our best to ensure stable update compatibility with themes and plug-ins before we update the core files or WordPress products, but there are times when the latest update causes unexpected results.

When an update we perform causes the context to break, we will spend up to 1-hour trying to fix it.If the newest version of the theme or plugin doesn't work properly on our website, we'll rollback the update to the older versions of the theme or plugin that are still in working order, and give you a recommendation for a course of action to get the problem resolved.

How can I send my login credentials?

You can add a self-destructing link to your credentials during checkout, or send them to us when you complete registration. Get them to us at your own convenience.

How does onboarding work?

Once you send login information for your WordPress dashboard and hosting provider, we’ll have your plan fully implemented in 24-48 hours.

The speed enhancements can take up to a week since we have to optimize everything for your unique core files, theme, and plugins and we want to be careful not to cause any downtime for your website. So we take our time and make sure this is done right instead of risking potentially compromising your website.

You can expect to receive weekly reports detailing important analytics such as backups created, overall uptime, website analytics, and more.
Once you sign up for the care plan that makes the most sense for you, you’ll receive a welcome email with information on your plan and details about how to securely send us your login credentials.

The onboarding email will ask you to use a self-destructing link to ensure our team are the only people who can receive your usernames and passwords.

Do you manage WooCommerce websites?

Websites with advanced functionality like E-commerce require our special Plan. They take more resources for us to host, so making sure you're on the right plan means we will be able to allocate what's needed to keep your website secure, fast and running smoothly.

What happens if my site is hacked?

We will clean out your website and protect it until it's ready once again for use. We have WP security service to handle any kind of hack or security issues. So don’t worry about WP malware scanning or removal.

Does it matter which hosting provider I'm using?

We understand that different websites use different hosting, and people have different budgets they must stick to. It doesn’t matter which hosting provider you’re using, we’ll work with any circumstances without any doubts.

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