WordPress Malware Removal Services

If you want to get rid of malware without touching the code yourself or hiring an expensive developer, then our WordPress malware removal service fixes WordPress malware with the click of a button.

Don’t worry! MalwareCare scan, audit, and remove malware from your WordPress site without a single technical error.



Your website needs to be available to your audience 24/7, and we ensure that with our malware removal service, your WordPress site will be 100% malware-free in no time.

We’ll tackle even the most aggressive forms of malware to ensure your site with our careful, systematic processes. We provide malware scans, manual malware removal, and firewall/security configuration to make your site impenetrable.

Through automated scanning and manual auditing, our talented engineers can thoroughly review and remove any malicious files or code that may be impacting your website.

Cleanup Your WordPress Website 

Malware Audit & Review

We manually review and use automated tools to scan the entire website and database for malicious files or codes.

Manual Malware Clean

After identifying the malware, we manually clean any infected hacked files, database entries, and backdoors to ensure your site is fully cleaned.

Configure and Optimize Security

We will always update core files, themes, plugins, and security measures to prevent future infections.

About Our Services

We’ll immediately take action to fix your hacked website, so the malware does not spread or return.

Complete Website Audit

Our top-notch experts examine the entire website to identify and remove all infected files, code, backdoors and more. Our thorough malware audits examine the entire site to locate even the most hard-to-find malware.

Remove Unwanted Malicious Files

After completing the auditing process and identifying the malware, our team will expertly remove unwanted files without disrupting your site. We will ensure that your site is 100% malware-free.

Full Site Security Audit

Since 2017, WordPress vulnerabilities have been up by 30%. We ensure regular & strong security audits that can help you identify vulnerabilities before hackers exploit them.

Security Hardening

After plugging up the root cause of the infection, we will update and harden your website's security. We will make your site stronger than ever by using premium, industry-leading security plugins, firewalls, and custom code.

Blacklist Removal

Google blacklist, on average, ~10,000 websites every day. If your website gets blacklisted and visitors are restricted from accessing your website, our team experienced team will make the required adjustments right away.

Clean Up Report

Quickly fixing your website is only a small piece of successful support. After we get rid of the infection from your website, our support team can help explain what the root cause was and how we cleaned it.

Was Your Website Hacked? We offer immediate, expert help.

Benefits of Our Malware Scanning & Removal Service

Complete Cleanup

Our experienced team ensures complete malware removal from your WordPress website, which is not possible by automatic programs.

In-Depth Cleanup Report

We'll provide you with an in-depth cleanup report once We've removed all the malware from your website.

Root Cause Analysis

We perform root cause analysis that potentially decreases the chance of further malware attacks on your website.

Dedicated In-house Team

Our in-house experts have years of experience keeping WordPress websites safe and secure.

Flexible Pricing

We offer flexible pricing plans which let you choose what fits you best.

24/7 Emergency Response

Get connected with one of our experts and fix your website fast. We're here for you 24/7.


How long will it take to fix my website?

We take pride in being the fastest malware removal service in the industry. As soon as we gather the necessary credentials, our global technician team will address the issues without delay.

You can expect our engineers to fix your website faster than anybody, and provide prompt, concise communication.

What information/credentials do you need to address the issues?

To address the website infection, we require a WordPress administrator account and the website hosting credentials.

All information can be shared through email and will only be shared with your dedicated technician.

Couldn't I just use a security plugin instead?

There are no cookie-cutter remedies that will secure your website. Security plugins may help guard against threats, but the reality is they cannot keep out hackers like manual security maintenance.

Since we are obsessed with keeping your websites secure, we ensure every site has comprehensive security measures.

Can you remove my internet browser's security warning?

Yes! If you try to access your site recently hacked or blocked, you may get a security alert in your browser.
After your site is fixed, we will request a Google query review.

What is your support policy?

With our global team, we are able to provide 24/7 support for you. 

Although we don’t offer phone support, you can send us an email at info@malwarecare.com at any time, and we’ll get back to you right away. At MalwareCare, we understand that your website is of the utmost importance, so we’ve made customer service a huge priority.

Any Questions?

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