WordPress Speed Optimization Service

The performance of your website has huge impact on your visitors experience. According to Google, your website should load in under 2 seconds. Sound fast? It is – but fortunately our engineers have experience meeting this metric with hundreds of WordPress websites.

Why Optimize WordPress Website?

If your site’s loading time is more than 3 seconds, you’re losing a huge amount of potential traffic every day, and slowly your top pages will drop ranks.  

In today’s world, your website visitors expect immediate results. If the load time of a website increases from 1 second to 3 seconds, there is a drastic increase in bounce rate of 32%.

If your website doesn’t have an up-to-stand user experience, Google will penalize you. One of the most important factors of a quality user experience for a website is the loading time.

Your website loading speed doesn’t only affect organic search results, it will also impacts your AdWords, Facebook ads, YouTube ads and many more that redirect to your website.

Don’t let a potential customer slip away from you just because of a slow website!

Our expert team is ready to take all your responsibilities and give you the result exactly you want.

Our experienced team can assure your WordPress website is optimized for speed, allowing you to enhance the user experience, generate more organic traffic, & increase your SEO rankings.

Why Does Page Speed Matter?

Increase Traffic

Attract more visitors to your site & skyrocket your business.

Improved SEO Results

Google and other search engines push faster sites up the rankings.

Enhanced User Experience and Conversions

A stunning web performance improves conversions and customer experience.

Get Professional WordPress optimization Services

How do we Optimize your WordPress Website Load Time?

Optimize Images & Videos

We make sure the images on your site are well optimized and videos are properly embedded with lazy load. We’ll make sure images resolution and dimensions are suitable for your website.

Minify HTML, JavaScript & CSS

When it comes to reducing the size of your HTML, CSS, and JS files, we will analyze which files can be minimized while still retaining all the functions of your website. Once we analyze these files, we minify them.

Enable & Configure Premium CDN

We'll configure a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that significantly helps you manage your daily traffic. For large files or media files, we'll configure highly premium CDNs for optimized speed.

Clean Up Code

We thoroughly analyze every page to identify and eliminate blank space, line gaps, unwanted characters, and unused/duplicate scripts. This will reduce file size and minify code properly.

Enable Compression

Using GZIP compression, our team will reduce various components of your site in order to reduce the size. Our team will also compress images to reduce size into proper formats.

Configure Browser Caching

We configure caching of your site pages so that users can easily access them without having to wait for several minutes for it to load and enjoy an enhanced user experience.

Reduce Server Response Time

If your hosting platform is not performing up to par and you are looking to change, we can transfer your domain to another recommended hosting provider.

DNS Level Firewall

DNS-level firewall has significant benefits for evaluating real website traffic compared to bad requests, which can decrease the load on your WordPress Web hosting platform and increase the speed.

Cache Control & Expires Headers

Cache-control headers activate client-side caching and specify a time at which the resource becomes invalid. Expires headers specify a cutoff time for when the resource becomes invalid.

Our People Make All the Difference

Trust our team to assist you.

We provide fast and friendly support every day to make our customers happy!

Our team works globally from nearly every time zone, allowing us to offer prompt customer support. 

Why Hire Us?


How can I tell if my website is performing optimally?

We're going to work to optimize your WordPress site's speed. This way, we'll be able to assess the capabilities of your web host and help you figure out if you're getting the performance you need.

What are the impacts of a slow WordPress site?

You have almost certainly have experienced the frustration of being forced to wait a long time for a site to load. If your WordPress site speed is not up to par, it can have a myriad of different impacts, including: 

  • Decreased website traffic
  • Worse SEO performance
  • Lower conversion rates
  • Frustrating/decreased user experience
  • Impacted sales and revenue 

How can I measure the speed of my WordPress site?

One particular way to make certain the performance of your WordPress website is to evaluate using a speed test. Conducting a speed test can be accomplished by accessing the URL of the page you want to test and conducting a measurement using various online tools.

How fast should my WordPress website be loading?

A good website load time is about two to three seconds, but Google recommends under three seconds for non-mobile users and under two for e-commerce stores.

Our team has worked with hundreds of websites to help them achieve these metrics.  

Will You Boost The Mobile Speed As Well?

Yes, we'll speed up your website both for mobile and desktop. So that users, irrespective of their devices, will enjoy a faster browsing experience on your website.

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